FIA to test video system to aid drivers in blind corners

Following continued complaints over visibility at the Jeddah circuit, the FIA is to test a video system to aid drivers in blind corners.

Last December, the drivers inability to see the track ahead on a track featuring 27 corners led to a number of incidents and while organisers have reacted by relocating some of the barriers the drivers feel it is not enough.

Consequently, during today’s second practice session a system will be tested whereby video screens at Turns 13, 16 and 19 will show drivers what lies ahead.

Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) director, George Russell, who was involved in a major clash with Nikita Mazepin last year, when the Haas driver ran into the back of the Williams while it was attempting to avoid an incident involving Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc, believes that if the trial proves successful it could be used at other venues.

“We will have to test it and see, and we’ll only get the feedback once we go out there,” the Mercedes driver told members of the media.

“Sometimes solutions like this go pretty well, sometimes not so well,” he added. “We know the difficulties of visibility on a circuit like this, and I think the more the FIA can do to help us, it is only going to be beneficial.

“I can’t comment quite at this moment, but it could be quite an intriguing implementation,” he admitted, “and if it works, then potentially we could see it in Baku, Monaco, Singapore maybe.

“If it reduces the danger and improves safety for all of us then we are happy.”

Lando Norris has yet to be convinced.

“I think it is kind of just wait and see, as it’s such a quick section,” said the McLaren driver. “There might not be a lot of time to look at a TV screen and see what’s going on. But we’ll see.

“If it is good, then I’m sure we can try to implement it more for the rest of the season.”

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